Coast of Ireland

Evelyn Gould, PhD BCBA-D


Dr. Evelyn Gould standing in front of the Grand Canyon

I am a Clinical Behavior Analyst and Licensed Psychologist at New England Center for OCD and Anxiety (serving families in Boston and Los Angeles). I am also a Clinical Assistant Professor at Keck School of Medicine at USC and Research Associate in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Originally from Belfast in N.Ireland, I currently reside with my partner and three cats in Los Angeles, CA. My pronouns are she/they. I am involved in a wide variety of clinical, training and research activities around the globe, and am committed to the dissemination of evidence-based practices and contextual behavioral science. I am a member of the queer community and my work reflects personal and professional values of authenticity, compassion, social justice, and cultural humility. I strive to support and create affirmative and empowering spaces for marginalized young people and their families.