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Evelyn Gould, PhD BCBA-D

Clinical Services

I specialize in supporting children, young people, and adults with OCD, Anxiety, and related issues. I also have specific interest and expertise in LGBTQIA+ and college student mental health, and supporting Neurodiverse individuals. In addition, a significant component of my work involves supporting caregivers and families of children and young adults struggling with mental health and behavioral challenges. I offer a variety of assessment, treatment and consultation services in Boston and Los Angeles through my private practice and New England Center for OCD and Anxiety.

It’s of particular importance to me to offer a safe, affirmative, compassionate, and empowering space for LGBTQIA families, including trans and nonbinary youth, and the Autistic community. I am a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

Please note: I am not currently accepting new clients.


I provide a variety of consultation services, including clinical consultation for practitioners struggling with complex cases, consultation for families seeking a second opinion or additional clinical support, school consultation and independent assessment. I also provide consultation and supervision to practitioners seeking to expand their scope of competence and practice.

About My Rates

My rates are set in accordance with my credentials, training specializations, years of experience, and community standards for doctoral level, clinical consultants. My rate structure not only enables me to maintain a small business and support my family; it also allows me to reserve around 50% of my practice for clients who cannot afford my full fees. I operate on an honor system and do not ask for proof of income for anyone requesting a reduced fee.

When requesting a sliding scale option, I ask that you consider "hardship vs sacrifice" (Cunningfolk, 2015) when determining what you can afford to pay. Please be mindful that if you pay less than you can actually afford, you are limiting access to those who truly face financial hardship. Being honest when engaging in sliding scale practices supports the growth of sustainable, thriving communities, in addition to showing respect for my work and my family. Honoring these practices also allows me to invest more time and effort into affordable practices and resources that promote diversity, equity and inclusion.